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Opitz GmbH

Leaving our mark on the industry since 1985.

What drives us

Your interests are at the centre of what we do! Our goal is to achieve, retain, and improve the best quality in all areas. We want to meet our partner’s specific expectations by means of an optimized quality policy so that:

  • Our customer receives the best quality
  • Our staff is satisfied in their work
  • Our owners receive a satisfactory return on their capital investment
  • Our suppliers and partners want and are able to establish lasting business relationships with us
  • Our responsible behaviour contributes to a better society
  • Our products and our actions comply with the legal and official regulations

Our DATI is getting ahead of us

Our classic product, the DATI© date stamp, celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015. Since our founding in 1985, it has been the centrepiece of our marking systems. More importantly, it has been a part of the industry standard ever since. 1996 saw the next quantum leap: In response to customer demand, the DATI©-2000 became the next standard model. It has become an internationally better-known name than Opitz, its manufacturer.

Dati’s history

  • Designation stamps for product moulds are catching on
  • This makes production processes more transparent
  • Product traceability is ensured
  • The DATI© date stamp is continuing to develop, too
  • The smallest diameters – 2 mm – are going to series production
  • Extremely difficult materials such as elastomer and high-performance plastics can be embossed
  • Dati 2900 with latching function from the Dati 2000 product group is being introduced – it allows the highest level of torsion resistance by latching in the direction of operating pressure

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