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Latching function

Reliability thanks to the Opitz latching function

The standardised identification component with the 'click' factor

Your production is driven by continuous optimisation? Us too!

Particularly customers who work with alternating materials or new types of plastic with a high glass fibre content are aware of the problem: the tougher the material, the higher the risk of the inserts becoming misaligned.

The consequence?

our products are stamped with incorrect or imprecise identification markings. Particularly if a product is stamped with an incorrect date, its traceability is no longer guaranteed and the smooth fault localisation of your production is jeopardised.

However, whenever customers come up against a problem, Opitz has the solution!

No longer any reason for losing it!

Our identification stamps with a latching function feature fine recesses and elevations, which render inadvertent misalignment of the marking almost impossible. Acknowledged by a clear ‘click’ you can both feel and hear, the stamp latches in at the required identification markings and is not thrown by types of plastic with high density.

To ensure the traceability of your products is guaranteed also in future, we are always one “click” ahead by continuously further developing our latching function.

Our customers are impressed by the Opitz latching function – many have even switched over entirely to using stamps with a latching function!

Interested? It is possible that your production may also benefit from our latching function. Get in touch with us now!


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